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Bloomberg and BIVA celebrate “Bloomberg BIVA Mexico Day” on December 14

The Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA) and Bloomberg will hold the Bloomberg BIVA Mexico Day on December 14, an event during which specialists and authorities from the sector will analyze the outlook and challenges for the development and growth of capital markets.

Panel Discussion 1: Ally-Shoring vs. Nearshoring
Near-shoring is the new buzzword for global investors and corporations, to take advantage of the USMCA agreement. Covid-19, USMCA, and a new US administration have opened the conversation to explore new manufacturing, supply chain, and relocation strategies. How will Mexico prove that it offers a more attractive option to relocate from other regions, to be closer to the American market?Featured Speakers:

Maria Ariza, CEO at BIVA
Lorenzo Berho, CEO of Real Estate Corporation Vesta
Amy Glover, President and Founding Partner at Agile
David Jiménez, Managing Director CPG, Softtek
Ryan Berg, CSIS, Senior fellow in the Americas Program
Moderator: Enrique Perret Erhard, Director, U.S.-Mexico Foundation

Panel Discussion 2: Mexico: Spearheading the Latin America ESG Movement
ESG funds are booming in the U.S., giving Mexico the opportunity to lead the Latin America movement. Thanks to the country’s closeness and access to the US markets, as well as the presence of global financial firms, Mexican companies are advancing in ESG disclosure and reporting. As transparency is key to global investors, this will broaden their options to maximize portfolio returns, while diversifying investments in the North American region. What factors will prompt Mexican companies to increase disclosure and transparency on environmental, social, and governance matters?

Featured Speakers:

Alberto Lara López, CFO, FIRA
Luisa Montes, Director at Ecovalores
Sergio Mendez, CEO at Blackrock Mexico

Moderator: Andrea Navarro, Bloomberg News Anchor

“At BIVA we are very happy to join forces with Bloomberg to strengthen promotion and generate more knowledge about the sector. It is a privilege to have the participation of several of the main leaders and experts in the field, with the aim of promoting the stock market as an attractive option to help the economic recovery of the country and the growth and consolidation of companies ”, he assured María Ariza, General Director of BIVA.
Bloomberg BIVA Mexico Day is an initiative that seeks to position itself as one of the leading spaces for reflection and interaction in the stock market world between global investors and decision makers, in which the main investment trends in Mexico and the world can be discussed and analyzed.
About BIVA
The Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA) began operations in 2018, providing local and foreign investors with cutting-edge technology for the operation of securities, market information solutions, as well as listing and maintenance for companies. BIVA is part of Central Corretajes S.A.P.I. de C.V. (CENCOR), a company that has developed infrastructure for the financial markets in Mexico, the United States, and Latin America for more than 25 years. The companies that make up this group are: Enlace, Integral Pricing Provider (PiP) and Institutional Electronic Market (MEI). www.biva.mx

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